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21 Reasons why you should keep an eye out before hiring a house painting pro (2023)

Actualizado: 25 ene 2023

Should you hire the first painting company that you come across with?

Today, we are going to show you how you could avoid the most common painting problems, and the mistakes homeowners make when they hire pros. We’ll give you the complete definitive guide including the entire list of services you should receive from any painting pro. (Without spending more money)

Should be Consider the Statistics?

If large corporations with all their analytical decisions tools and insights still struggled today facing a 50% failure rate, how much more difficult can it be for a normal homeowner just like you and me to find the right person to do our home improvement project?

When hiring a potential worker, according to Harver, one of the world's leading employers hiring platform brands, "as humans, we are hardwired to make quick decisions, [...] in an ideal word, the decision to hire a candidate would be based solely on their ability to to the job well, but we don't live in an ideal world."

To answer the above question, it is clear that we could possibly be making a huge mistake by hiring the first handyman worker or painter that we meet. If Career Builder believes that "75% of employers" made the mistake of hiring "the wrong person for a position," the same thing can happen to us.

With That, here are the 21 Most Important Tips That Will Help You to:

· Protect yourself from financial loses.

· Prevent possible lawsuits by the contractor for a variety of claims.

· Ensure to receive a quality paint job.

· Learn how to choose a safe painter.

· Get to know how professional painters look like.

· Prevent out of pocket unexpected expenses.

· Save time.

· Save money.

· Get to identify the [4 red flags] for potential scammers.

· Give yourself 100% peace of mind in the process of hiring a painting pro.

So, if you have already hired a painting pro before or this is your fist time doing it, you will love the powerful information in this guide.

Let’s dive right in,

Whether you are hiring a painting company to work on a single room or the entire interior or exterior of you house, there are many things that could go wrong: you could hire a painter who does not care, or they could suddenly increase the price, or end up with a poor job result that looks like a cheap painting job. But what if there was a bigger problem? Such as having property damage done the painter or the painter suing you or forcing you to face liability for a contractor’s personal injuries while working? And If so, are you ready for that and know how to deal with this?

First, let’s see How to avoid hiring a painter who does not care.

It's clear that if you pick a reputable Professional painter, he will most likely offer you a reliable and quality painting job and here is how you do that:

10 Expert Advice Tips When Hiring a Painting Contractor:

· Step #1: Check their Google reviews & Houzz reviews.

· Step #2: Check their Yelp reviews (it is very hard for business nowadays to get fake Yelp reviews due to their strong algorithm, therefore most of their reviews will be real.

· Step #3: Make sure you hire a licensed & insured (This means they have passed state, city or municipal requirements to provide their job. (This also means that if the painter causes any property damages, you can file a claim and receive momentary for the inconvenient.

· Step #4: Make sure the business is (Bonded). This agreement makes the painter cover losses that take place at the house owner and protect the property owner in case painter fails to finish the painting job.

· Step #5: Make sure the painter has worker’s compensation coverage: If any injuries were to happen to the painter or any of his workers, you as homomer will not be responsible for medical bills.

· Step #6: Verify their contact phone number to confirm that the zip code of their phone should be from your local area and office address to confirm that they have a physical business location.

· Step #7: Check the BBB to see if there are any active complaints regarding the painting business.

· Step #8: Don’t fall for possible scammers, avoid unsolicited phone numbers mentioning cheap painting services. They will normally do high-pressure strategy deals such as: must call now, must sign now and get 50% OFF, deals. In many cases they will have an accent from a different county and will not be willing to meet face to face.

· Step #9: It is recommended to always get at least 3 different painting quotes, always meeting the contractors in person.

· Step #10: Don’t be afraid to ask for references, this will allow you to check the work they’ve done in the past.

How to avoid hiring someone that keeps coming up with sudden price increases in the middle of the project?

· Avoid hiring a painting business that is not willing to provide you a set price for the painting project.

· Make sure to come up with a written contract or agreement detailing all labor cost, material cost, how long the project will take, how many coats, warranty information.

· Make sure to be clear and write the exact cost of additional coats in the contract before this comes up by surprise and they end up charging more.

· Will the painter handle cleanups & haul away trash? Or will you pay additional for this?

· Make sure to clarify when and how you will pay the painter.

What to expect from a professional painter?

· Will always show good business practices.

· Are willing to show you proof that they are a legal business registered in the state.

· Are willing to show you information about their insurance certification.

· Are not hiding their credentials and background.

· Will always have a local business address.

· Will have a website, will be listed in Google Maps, easy to locate on the internet.

I hope this guide opened your eyes to be a little more careful before hiring a professional painter.

Now, I'd like to turn it over to you:

What's is the #1 thing from this post/list that you didn't know about or that will benefit you the most?

Are you going to start looking at business reviews before hiring them or maybe you're going to check the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) to see if there are any pending complaints.

Perhaps you have a question about some info you read in this post.

Either way, we've love that you let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

The Paint Guys LLC has provided painting services in Fayetteville Arkansas and the surrounding areas of NWA for over 10 years. We are willing to provide you guidance, advice and ideas regarding your project completely free. Get in touch with us today!

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