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What is the Interior Painting Cost per sq ft [2023]

Actualizado: 25 ene 2023

According to Improovy, a next-gen painting service online article published by a team of industry experts in Apr, 2022, they concluded that to paint the interior of a house, it could range from “$2.75 per square foot,” to $4.69 if you decide to “include walls, trim, and ceilings.”

There is more to it!

There are yet another 5 factors that could drastically increase the price of your painting project.

Factor number One: Home size

Factor number Two: height of your rooms

Factor number Three: ease of access

Factor number Four: Number of coats

Factor number Five: Condition of the house

Considering these major painting price factors while hiring a painter contractor would assist you in the end to understand the final quote created by the painter.

It is very important to know that old houses that have poor wall conditions, damage windows or surfaces, could also increase the price of your project. This normally requires additional sanding, peeling, fixing wood damage or caulking prior to painting, also additional coats might need to be applied for better results.

Why is the final quote of a painter so different from my estimated calculations based on the info above?

Painters understand that painting an entire house is not something that can be done overnight, unless you had 20 painters working alongside with you, perhaps that could be done in a couple of days, but normally painter contractors work alone or with a couple of other painters that assist or take some of the project responsibilities. However, painters will change a little bit more than you calculated in your head because by past experiences they know that unpredicted circumstances are likely to occur, such as extra time to clean the old paint from the walls, extra power wash in certain areas of the exterior of the house, additional gallons of paint needed etc., this is why they “add a small percentage” while making the final quote “to budget for patching, paint overage, and detail work.” (Jobber, 2023)

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